The construct of reality

Reality is weird to understand.

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The theory of probabilities

We live in a world of probabilities or chances. The chance of every single event to be occurring is based on the approximate number of probability. You going for a walk today, buying eggs from the grocery store or taking a different route to work — these are events and the probability of these events happening in your life can be meticulously put into a number scale to define it. Let’s take an example: Suppose you wake up today and go up to the fridge to drink orange juice. There are two possibilities before you open the fridge: either you will drink the orange juice or you won’t. Hence, there is a 0.5 chance of the event occurring to you. But it doesn’t simply end there. These probabilities depend on several other factors as well which constitute the super value of 0.5. You can find the orange juice to be expired, you can accidentally drop down and spill the juice on the floor or you could find some other drink that you like. The likelihood of all these event happening is combined into one single super value of 0.5 which predicts that you won’t be drinking orange juice today.

This sounds interesting but what happens with the other half; the other 0.5 chance of you drinking the juice. In cosmos, matter and mass is conserved, meaning that the total mass and matter of the entire universe is constant. There’s no new energy or matter created. Subsequently, can we say that the probability of every event taking place is conserved as well?

Universe & Multiverse

The concept of multiverses argue that instead of having a single-quantified “one” universe, we have an infinite number of universes which adds up to the multiverse. Everything that we see around us constitutes our reality. Reality exists in three dimensions through which we perceive the environment around us. But if we are conserving probabilities of every event existing, realities will be different in different universes. Everything that we are currently seeing is inherently unique and it does not occur any other place except ours.

Every reality is realized somewhere

Let’s hop back to the orange juice example. The reality for you is that you did not drink the orange juice when you walked up to the fridge. But by conserving probabilities, you drinking the orange juice might be a reality of another universe which exists simultaneously in time.

String theory for multiverse

Interestingly, string theory helps us out a little here. As we all know that there are three dimensions that exist: height, length and depth and also, counting one dimension of time. But string theory lays down the concept that there are more dimensions than just three. In fact, it’s plausible that our universe operates in ten dimensions and these other dimensions are intertwined with each other which provides a unique shape to the extra dimensions. Consequently, the shape of these extra dimensions define the nature of vibrational patterns of the string which composes the matter of the universe.

Here’s a little demonstration for you to understand the shape of the extra dimensions.

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Credit: Futurism

Turns out studying the shapes of these extra dimensions is a little iffy. Earlier, astronomers and researchers believed that the shape of the extra dimensions might be different in five ways as allowed by mathematics. But soon, they found out that there are hundreds of different shapes and then a thousand and so on. Now, it’s believed to be around 10⁵⁰⁰ possibilities of different shapes.

The above theory leads us to the idea of the multiverse where each universe is constructed with a unique shape of the extra dimensions and hence, the other universe will possess different physical features and this brings us up to another proposal. Since other universes have a unique print of shape of the dimensions, the strings vibrate at a different frequency than the others. This means that the different vibrational pattern of the strings in different universes effectively construct a different reality for each universe. A reality where the event might be realized. A reality where you are actually drinking the orange juice. Hence, in theory it will conserve the probabilities of an event happening in reality.

Déjà vu

We haven’t been fully able to comprehend what déjà vu actually means and what causes it. Sometimes we refer to it as “glitch in the matrix” but that would be only true if we were actually living in a simulation. Proving that we live in a simulation is hard so let’s not go into that deeply.

But the one little peculiar thing to note about déjà vu is that although we feel like we are going to know what’s about to happen, we never see our predicted scenario actually happening. This feels as if déjà vu is nothing but a sign which tells us that what we are predicting is already a reality for a different universe and hence, it wouldn’t happen in this universe. This is a theory with no base or full proof to establish it’s pure meaning. It’s a wild speculation but the universe is a weird place. The person who said, “Everything is possible” was right. The human mind is too small and our time on this place is too limited to be able to fully understand the true nature of the cosmos. We have a long way to go and we need to keep digging deeper. The universe is full of surprises.

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