Reality is weird to understand.

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The theory of probabilities

We live in a world of probabilities or chances. The chance of every single event to be occurring is based on the approximate number of probability. You going for a walk today, buying eggs from the grocery store or taking a different route to work — these are events and the probability of these events happening in your life can be meticulously put into a number scale to define it. Let’s take an example: Suppose you wake up today and go up to the fridge to drink orange juice. There are two possibilities before you open the fridge: either you…

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The answer will surprise you

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AI is exponentially growing, making it smarter and smarter each day. The prediction algorithm deployed by Facebook to track you and serve you with suitable ads (Ad optimization) works at a staggering 98% accuracy. In other words, you can say that this AI software knows you better than your own family members! We have DeepFace(again by Facebook), which identifies human faces with 97.25% accuracy without factoring in lighting conditions and angle.

What do we get out of AI?

AI has been a pioneer for identification, space research, transportation, and whatnot. Fundamentally, we are already surrounded by AI. Many of us…

My top reasons for preferring React when it comes to web dev

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If you are planning to lay your hands in web development, most likely you might have a dilemma in mind: how to begin? I think that this question crosses the mind of every developer who’s trying to begin something new. Since there are so many wonderful languages and libraries out there, it’s hard to pick and choose. I went through a similar kind of situation because I wasn’t able to decide whether to switch to React from traditional HTML or not. Nonetheless, I went ahead and started learning React JS from scratch. Next, I fell in love with it.


Social media might be pretentious and misleading. Let’s uncover what goes behind the scenes.

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When Mark Zuckerberg originally conceived the idea of a new redefined social media, he wasn’t thinking money or the dreadful ads. He just wanted people to connect with each other by providing information. No hacking required. But today, when we reiterate the same question, one can argue, “Is social media really about connecting with people today?” In my opinion, every social media is competing on how long it can keep you engrossed on it’s screen. And believe it or not, you can feel the change. You can feel the slow and sudden changes Facebook, Instagram, etc just make and you…

Learn how hashing and salt protect user data as well as how to use them in Node.js

Coarse salt on a wooden spoon
Coarse salt on a wooden spoon
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User information and data are highly sensitive information that must be secure. Therefore, it is highly necessary that robust measures are taken to protect it at all costs. Furthermore, passwords should never be stored as plain text on a database. They should be strongly encrypted to avoid chaos among users.

In this article, we will discuss how salt and hashing work to encrypt user passwords as well as the risks inherent with storing sensitive user information in plain text.

How Hashing Works

A hashing algorithm (MD5 hash) grabs the user-input password and converts it into an indecipherable string. This is called a hashed…

… the education bubble!

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We are in the midst of an education bubble and not many people realize this.

Higher education costs a lot and the debts incurred are humongous. The starting pay of a typical university graduate is not as much as to cover the debts they incurred during their study. Not to mention the interest rates they pay as well. This combination doesn’t work parallel with each other and hence, students are stuck in an endless loop of the debt payment.

Whenever something is overvalued, it gets converted into a bubble. The housing bubble which crashed the market down in 2008 was one such example. Another example was the dot com bubble which ended in 2001. …

The rules by which you play but the rich don’t

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“The rich don’t work for money. Money works for them” — Robert Kiyosaki

Ever since Robert Kiyosaki called out in his book, “Rich dad, poor dad”, the importance of financial literacy has stuck inside my head. The book did help me notice the flaws in the education system and the importance of being financially literate. Financial literacy, or in simpler terms, the knowledge of how to handle money is something we always pass down onto the hands of our accountants. Well, let’s see why building a strong foundation in finance is core to play well in the financial market. And…

How to filter your search results by distance in miles.

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In this article we look at how to display search results using the Yelp API in addition to a distance range filter. We will build a basic slider using Bulma CSS which will have the effect of adjusting the distance value and displaying all the searched restaurants in the given range.

Getting Started with Bulma

Please note that, while we will be using Bulma CSS for the framework, you are welcome to use any framework of your choice. If you would like to use the Bulma framework but have never installed it, here are the steps. If you are not using Bulma, or you…

Is college really the only way to be successful in life? You sure?!

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Every middle-class dream begins with a common station of going to college. Along the way, we have these different “semesters” as different stations of our life. Each station is supposed to teach you something along the way and prepare you for when you reach your final destination: graduation. And then, you board another train of the “job” life and then we embark upon another journey and reach the age of retirement. While all of this may sound like an easy way to live, does that mean everyone wants to live their lives like this? …

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